Columns and Vases and Masks, Oh My!

The Ancient Greeks! A group of people who held a civilization for around 350 years, thousands of years ago! The ancient Greek people lived on the Balkan Peninsula and the surrounding islands on the continent of Europe. They were very well known for many things, but today we are going to focus on their art! One of the most recognized form or Greek art was their architecture, or the way that they built their buildings. The ancient Greeks built a lot of temples and fancy structures that not only looked beautiful, but also were incredibly durable! These structures commonly had many different types of columns that were ornately carved and helped to hold the roof of the structure up. Lots of columns meant that lots of things could be held up, but the columns had to be arranged in a very specific way! Do you think you could arrange the columns well enough to support something very heavy? Well, with some paper cups and cookie sheets you can try it yourself here! Or with some clay or playdoh you can create a beautifully artistic temple front with this template!

Another form of art that the Greeks were well known for was drama! The ancient Greeks loved to visit the theater to see plays. Often, a LOT of people would go to see these plays, but that meant that the people who had to sit in the back of the theater would not be able to see the faces of the actors, which meant that they would not understand the emotions of the play. To fix that problem, the ancient Greeks developed something called drama masks. These masks often had very exaggerated emotions so that people watching from the back of the audience could tell if they were happy, sad, or scared. These masks were often a bit bigger than the actor’s face and the mouth was displayed very largely so that more people could see it. If you would like to try to create your own drama mask, click here. All you need is some paper! And remember, its all about emotion!

Art in ancient Greece became very popular to put on things like vases and urns. Grecian vases became wildly popular, often featuring pictures of people doing a wide variety of activities. The vases were often colorful and covered in intricate patterns. Sometimes they had pictures of real or mythological animals, and often came in a variety of shapes. Below are some pictures of Greek Vases!

Do you think you could create a beautiful piece of artwork inspired by Greek vases? Well, you can create your own with just a flower pot with instructions here! Or, you can color your own inspired vase! Be sure to include the colors, patterns, and animals seen in Grecian urns!

The last type of ancient Greek art that we will talk about are mosaics. Mosaics were pictures that were made up of small squares of glass and pottery. These squares were lots of different colors and they were arranged to make up a larger picture. In the picture below, do you see how the birds are made up of individual squares of different colors? That took a lot of time and creativity to create!

Can you create an image out of small squares of color? Well, if you head over to The Unlikely Homeschool, you can grab up the instructions on how to make your own mosaic out of magazine clippings! Or if you would prefer, you can make one out of Starburst candies thanks to Mama Miss! Either way, you will create a masterpiece made up of smaller colored squares! and be sure to come back tomorrow for “The Beginning of the Olympics!”

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