Data Visualizations

Visualization of a text is an incredible way to make information and data visually exciting and accessible to people who don’t necessarily connect with solid blocks of text. The visualizations here provided are from Winston Churchill’s speech, “Fight on the Beaches.” Without even having the background of the speech, the word cloud gives you the impression that the text analyzed was about a military conflict involving Britain, France, and Germany. The use of air-related words go to prove that this was definitely from a time when attacks could be launched through the air. I think that this visualization does a great job of placing the text in a specific time period and place without that information even being explicitly available.

Data visualization is an incredibly useful tool for historians in order to allow people to glean information without reading a full monograph. By giving people the option to see something that is not as monotonous on the eyes, it draws the viewers attention. This also gives historians the chance to place important information in an area where it might receive more attention. By utilizing data visualization, historians open an avenue of information to people who might just be scrolling through.

This visualization was created using Voyant.

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