Fierce Warriors

As we talked about yesterday, Vikings were a group of people that lived in the now Norse countries. However, we also learned yesterday that the Vikings used their longboats to travel quite a bit! But they didn’t just use these ships for leisurely travel. The also used these ships for invasions! The Vikings were a group of people that deeply wanted to expand the land that they owned. So often, these longboats were used to transport Viking warriors when they invaded the land around them. As you can see from the map exercise below, the Vikings moved from place to place. Can you track the movement and invasion of the Vikings on the map? They would have traveled to those places by boat, so perhaps you can make your own boat as well!

If a Viking was invading and attacking another kingdom, how would they have done it? Well, they would have needed weapons of course! Weapons would have allowed them to intimidate and attack their enemies. Often, a Viking would have a couple different types of weapons to choose from. Vikings usually had swords and knives, but perhaps they were best known for a different weapon: their axes! An axe is a rounded piece of metal that is sharpened on one side, and if you have some duct tape on hand, you might be able to make your own, thanks to Instructables! It is also possible that the Vikings used hammers as a weapon (we’ll see the inspiration for it tomorrow!), but there is not strong evidence to support that. Let’s see if you can name the Viking artifacts! If you can’t just yet, be sure to look at the next paragraph for hints!

Now that you know what a Viking attacked with, what did it use to protect himself? Why, he used armor of course! Some armor was more to make the Viking feel better. Sometimes they would carry a small charm with them to make them feel more protected. But one of the most important pieces of armor that a Viking had was his shield. The shield was often made of heavy wood and metal. That insured that the shield would block any attacks from an enemy. That meant that the Vikings had to be strong enough to lift and carry their shields. Do you think that you could carry a shield? Well, if you head over to Deceptively Educational, you can make your own and find out! Another very important piece of armor that a Viking owned was their helmet. The helmets were often made of metal, and were designed to protect the Viking’s most important weapon: their brain! Almost every time that you think of a Viking helmet, you probably imagine a horned helmet. (Like the ones in How to Train Your Dragon!) But those were simply just a myth! There is no evidence that Vikings wore horned helmets. But they do look pretty cool, so if you would like to make your own, head on over to Saw It, Did It!

I think now would be a great time to get a Viking armor inspired snack, don’t you? So grab mom or dad, check out this site, and make some Viking Shield Cookies! And be sure to come back tomorrow for “Norse Myths and Legends: Where Thor Came From!”

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