Here Comes George!

The President of the United States of America is the person who acts as the head of the American government. It is a really important position that makes a lot of important decisions! The President is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, and he helps to make laws to help protect the American people. The President is elected by the American citizens, and he is allowed to serve two 4 year terms. Today, we are going to talk about just one President, the first President! George Washington! George was the president from 1789-1797.

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 in Virginia. As he grew up, he became a really important person! He served as a very important military leader during the French and Indian War, and it was during this war that George married his wife, Martha. The experience George gained during the French and Indian War would help him greatly when he was asked to lead the Continental Army during the American Revolution. The American Revolution is when America became a separate country from England, and George Washington served as the most important military leader of the colonies (which is what America was called before it left England). George had to make many important, strategic, and intelligent decisions to lead the colonies to victory. Do you think you have the smarts to make the hard decisions? Let’s see if you can locate some of the big words that are used to talk about George Washington! Or maybe you can maneuver your way through the maze like George maneuvered the battlefield!

George Washington had to make a lot of really important decisions while acting as the general of the Continental Army. He had to figure out how to pay and feed his troops, where the enemy was hiding, and how best to attack to win the war. But George made the right decisions! And on September 3, 1783, England and America signed a treaty, which meant that General Washington had won the war and freed America! America then had to figure out what kind of government they wanted for the people, and eventually they decided on a democratic republic. This is the type of government that we have today, which means that all the citizens of the country get to vote. Can you guess who they voted for in 1788? If you guessed George Washington, you are correct! Would you like to feel as presidential as our first President? Well, then lets get you looking like George! You can either print out the template below, cut out three of the hat patterns, decorate it, and staple the corners; or you can click to get instructions on how to make a George Washington paper plate mask!

Because George Washington did so much for America, they wanted to honor him in a special way. After all, he had defended the colonies in the French and Indian War, freed America in the American Revolution, and lead America as the first President! So America needed something pretty special to show George how much they appreciated him. In 1848, the United Stated of America constructed the Washington Monument in honor of the first president. This monument in Washington D.C., the nation’s capital, (also named in honor of George Washington) stands 555 feet tall! Can you create a monument to George Washington? Below is a template to recreate the Washington Monument in D.C., or you can create your own out of clay! Feel free to leave a picture of your monument in the comments below!

Now that you know a lot about George Washington, wouldn’t you like to eat like him? One of George Washington’s favorite foods was something called “hoe cakes.” These were kind of like pancakes! So grab mom or dad and eat a favorite food of our first president! You can find the recipe thanks to My Beautiful Mess! Be sure to come back tomorrow for “What are you writing, Thomas?”

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