Is a Castle Worth the Hassle?

The Middle Ages! A time full of knights, kings, battles, armor, and CASTLES!! Who hasn’t wished for their own castle before? They’re essentially giant forts with really awesome stuff to do inside! During Medieval times, also known as the Dark Ages, the castle was the home of the king. He lived inside, protected prom his enemies. And he spent a majority of his time in the castle (king of like we are staying at our homes right now!). From the castle, the king would rule his kingdom! He created his castle to be strong, in order to protect himself, his family, and the people who relied upon him for safety. But because he was the king, the castle was designed to his liking. Do you think you can follow the numbers and create the castle that the king ordered?

A castle had many different parts. But one of the coolest things that a castle could have was a secret passage way! Wouldn’t you love to have a secret passage that could take you from the bottom of your house to the top of your house without anyone seeing you? Well that’s what the passage was for! Often, these passages would allow knights, who protected the castle, to get from the dungeon (the bottom of the castle where the bad guys were kept) to the battlements (walkways between towers) in order to protect the castle. Can you help the knight get from the dungeon to the battlement through the secret passage?

Now that you know some of the parts of the castle, lets go over some more! After all, every king and queen should know the parts of the castle! One of the most important parts of the castle is the moat. The moat is a big pool of water that surrounded the castle! The only way to get across the moat and into the castle was to use the drawbridge, a bridge that could be lifted up and down to only let certain people into the castle. Once you cross the drawbridge, you have to be let in through the portcullis, which is a big gate that closes off the drawbridge. Above the portcullis is something called the barbican, which is basically just a stone wall above the drawbridge. See how strong your castle has to be? Now, you can’t ONLY defend your castle, you must be able to attack from it too! So of course you would have your battlements or walkways that you can shoot arrows from, but your soldiers might be pretty exposed up there. So you should probably have some arrow loops, which are skinny windows in the castle that your soldiers can shoot arrows out of. And you can’t forget to have a bailey, or enclosed courtyard, in your castle! Now that you know what the parts of the castle are, do you think that you can label them or find the words?

As you can see, the design of the castle is very important! It needs to be big enough to hold you, your family, your food, and your soldiers; but it needs to be small enough to easily protect it from enemies! I think that maybe it is time to put your royal powers to the test? Can you create a castle to protect your subjects? Do you want to create a castle for you to live in? Well, with a cardboard box, you can do just that! Check out this website to see how, and be sure to decorate your castle and include the necessary parts! Or perhaps you want to make a smaller castle for some of your toy kingdom to live in! To find the printable that I used, click here! Let’s see what kind of castles you kings and queens will make! Be sure to leave a picture in the comments below!

You know lots about castles now! So maybe its time to get a little creative and see if you can make a castle with all the parts… and eat it!! Grab mom or dad and check out Munchie Mom! You can use graham crackers, cheerios, and marshmallows to create a castle that you can devour afterwards! And be sure to come back tomorrow for “Knights make the Ages Dark!”

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