Knights Make the Ages Dark!

Aside from the King, some of the most important people in the Middle Ages were his soldiers, the knights! Knights were the people in armor who were called to defend their king’s castle or attack their enemy’s castle. They usually had a sword, and if they were leaving the castle, they ordinarily rode a horse! However, being a knight wasn’t all about swords and horses. Knights had to train for a long time to gain all the skills that they needed. These knights usually trained for 8 years! That means that they had to have lots of skills and smarts. Let’s put your smarts to the test! Can you make it from start to finish?

Before knights were allowed to go out and fight, they had to have the right equipment. Without the proper armor, a knight could get killed! However, knight armor was REALLY heavy! That’s because it was made entirely of metal! All the way from his head to his toes had to be covered in order to escape injury. On his head, the knight would have worn a helmet, sometimes with a movable visor to allow him to see better. To protect his chest, the knight wore a metal breastplate, so that he wouldn’t get hurt by anything hitting his chest. On his arms, he wore gauntlets and metal gloves so that his arms and hands were protected. He also wore greaves on his legs, to protect his shins from anything hitting them. Below is a much more in-depth picture of the armor of a knight! You can read what each piece was called as you color the knight! Or, you can color the armor in order to dress your own knight!

The knight’s armor an incredibly important part of his life! Without it, he wouldn’t be able to defend and protect the castle. With the gauntlets on his forearms, he could block incoming swords by lifting his arm! The knights helmet protected the most valuable thing he had: his head! Do you think you could create a knight’s set of gauntlets for yourself? Well with some dried pasta and a cardboard tube, you can! Thanks to Kindergarten Expert you can have your own set of gauntlets! Or, perhaps you’d like to create your own knight mask! With a paper plate, and a bit of help from It Happens In a Blink, you can look just like a Medieval knight!

Being a knight meant that you went wherever the king ordered you to go. This often meant that knights got to travel all across their countries, and they saw a lot of really cool things! They went on a lot of adventures! Sometimes, they even wrote about them. (Although they sometimes made their stories a bit more exciting than they actually were by adding in some things that didn’t happen) One famous knight’s story is Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. You can read all about Sir Gawain’s adventures! And maybe you can get some ideas for your own story! If you were a Medieval knight, what adventures would you go on?

Now that you know lots about knights, let’s make a snack that was inspired by something that knights carried: their swords! Grab some cucumbers and carrots (with mom or dad’s help) and get ready to play with your food! Thanks to Holly and Mark, we got a great idea for these sword snacks! And be sure to stop back by tomorrow for “Medieval Books weren’t Just for Looks!”

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