Myth and Legend of Ancient Rome!

According to legends, which we learned about in Viking and Ancient Greek culture, Rome was founded by two brother, named Romulus and Remus. They were twin brothers, sons of the god of war and Rhea Silva. Their mother was not supposed to keep the twins, so they were set afloat down the Tiber River. However, a wolf found and raised the boys. Eventually, however, the two brothers would argue, and the argument would end in Romulus killing his brother. After he founded Rome, named after himself, Romulus became a Roman god according to legend. Now that you know the myth behind the founding of Rome, do you think that you could fill in the worksheet? And, perhaps, you can write out a comic for the story of Romulus and Remus! Thanks to LJSkool, you can print your own template for the comic!

If you remember our lesson on Ancient Greek mythology, you will definitely see some parallels! This is because Roman gods and goddesses are based almost entirely off the gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. For example, the king of the gods in Ancient Greece was Zeus, and the king of the Roman gods was simply renamed Jupiter. He was married to a goddess named Juno. Minerva was the goddess of wisdom, Mars was the god of war, Neptune was the god of the sea, Venus was the goddess of love, and Pluto was the god of the underworld. Apollo was one of the Greek gods who kept his name, and his title as god of the sun. Each of these gods had a purpose and legends that went with them, however close those legends may be to those of Ancient Greece. With the list below, do you think that you can figure which god is which?

Between the knowledge that you gained above, and the knowledge that you gained in the Ancient Greece lessons, I think you might be able to solve the crossword puzzle below! If you can’t figure some of them out, feel free to look them up! Or check out this site!

As you can already see, many of the Roman gods were incredibly similar to the Greek gods. One such example was Mercury, known as Hermes to the Greeks. Mercury remained god of the same things to both cultures. He was the god of commerce and trade, and he was the messenger between all the gods. Below is a coloring page of Mercury!

Myths and legends were incredibly popular because they allowed the Romans to explain the aspects of their life. It was a story that explained a phenomenon that Romans experienced in their life. These stories were easy to remember and enjoyable to tell. Do you think that you could take a natural phenomenon in your life and create a myth to explain it? You could explain lightning, wind, the clouds, or even the situation we are now in. To create your myth, answer the following questions. And be sure to let me know what your myth is about!

Now that we have spent 3 days learning about the Ancient Romans, I think that you should eat like one! Thanks to Romans in Britain, you can find a traditional recipe for Roman Soft Bread! So grab mom or dad and eat like Romans!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for our next set of history lessons!

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