Some Heroes Wear Scrubs

Today’s lesson is dedicated to my mother! She is an OB nurse, and she and her coworkers are another one of the worker groups that are on the front lines of the pandemic that we face today. But to understand why our nurses are so important, let’s look at the history of nursing! The beginning of professional nursing is traditionally seen in the 19th century with a woman named Florence Nightingale. When Florence decided to become a nurse, she went against what was normal for her time. She was an upper-class girl, and if she wanted to nurse, she was expected to only do it to close friends and family. But Florence decided that she wanted to help strangers in the hospital setting. This is what our nurses today do. They work in hospitals and take care of people that they don’t even know!

Our nurses today have to learn a lot about the human body and about germs, in order to help sick people get better and healthy people to stay that way. Do you know what a germ is? A germ is a teeny, tiny organism that causes people to get sick. But we didn’t always know what germs were! The idea of germs that spread diseases is called Germ Theory, and most people didn’t know about it or what it was until the late 1800s. But now that we do, nurses help to encourage us to keep clean, so we can keep germs away! If you would like to see how washing your hands can help keep germs away, click here! And if you would like to do an experiment to see how soap helps get rid of germs, click here!

Nurses don’t just help us to keep healthy by avoiding germs and washing our hands though. Nurses also help to keep us healthy and safe by taking care of our injuries! If you have ever gone to the hospital with an injury, chances are, you had a nurse that took care of you! When I went to the hospital for an injury on my head, a nurse put stitches in and helped me to recover faster! If you can match letters, you can help put band-aids on the bear in this game here!

Throughout history, nurses have used a variety of different tools to help people. One of the most important tools that a nurse has is their stethoscope. A stethoscope allows nurses to listen to a patient’s heart and lungs to make sure that everything is healthy. This tool was invented in 1816 and slowly became a common part of a nurses “toolbox.” If you would like to make your own stethoscope, click here! Another thing that some nurses use to make sure that their patients are healthy is a checklist! A list allows the nurse to write down all the problems and organize what needs to be taken care of! Perhaps you can try your own checklist below on a patient like mom, dad, a sibling, or a stuffed animal!

Since we already learned that nurses help to take care of our wounds, perhaps you would like an inspired sncak! Grab mom or dad, check out Slap Dash Mom, and make some edible band-aids!

Be sure to come back on Monday for our last lesson on the history of first responders! But in the mean time, take the time to thank a nurse today for all they do!

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