The ability to use Knight Lab to create interactive visualizations can change the way that we present information to the public digitally. My Storyline compares the timeline of wars that the United States have been involved in with the casualties of each. By providing this information side by side, it allows information to be seen in an interesting way that is visually appealing. It allows for historical interpretation in a different way. Instead of just having a linear timeline with additional text information, it shows a vertical and horizontal timeline that allows one to see the fluctuations. This visual aspect almost adds a different level of interest to the information being presented. History is a subject that is often seen as boring, only a conglomeration of names, dates, and places. Being able to implement the use of tools like this, historians can engage with a wider audience. Having something that is visually appealing can pull in people who aren’t necessarily “interested” in historical data and facts. This specific tool would be useful for data that corresponds directly with a date or a year. Income levels through the years, deaths, population, and a large number of other things can be implemented to be represented in this type of informative graph. It is a really interesting aspect of historical representation that I think historians could utilize and exploit more.

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