That’s Not the Tea Party I had in Mind!

In 1773, in the city of Boston, things were heating up between England and its colonies. At this time, what is now known as the United States was owned and ruled by England, which meant that the colonies had to obey the rules that England put in place. But what if those rules weren’t fair? What if the people of the colonies felt that they were being forced to pay money and obey rules that were unfair to them? Well, they could complain about it, but that didn’t really get them anywhere. In 1773, the colonists of Boston were fed up with some specific taxes that England had implemented. One tax that particularly angered the Bostonians was a tax on tea. Tea was very important to the colonists! They enjoyed drinking it, but tea can be used for much more! Check out this site for some cool tea activities!

So what did the people of Boston do to protest this unfair tax? Well, they decided to organize what became known as the Boston Tea Party. But this wasn’t a fun get together with friends where they drank tea and ate tiny sandwiches. This was a raid. On December 16, 1773, patriots, or people who wanted to take control of their own country, decided to take secret action. These people dressed up as in Native Americans so no one could tell who they were, and boarded a ship in the Boston Harbor. They kept their secrets so well, that to this day we don’t know who all was a part of the Boston Tea Party. You can make your own Boston Tea Party Patriot if you click here.

But what was on the boat? And what did they do once they were on the ship? Well, the ship itself was full of about 340 chests of tea. That’s over 92,000 pounds of tea! And once the patriots got on the ship, they decided to protest the tax that was in place but smashing open the boxes and dumping all the tea into the Boston Harbor! They felt that this would show the English government that the colonists were not willing to pay such an outrageous tax. You can color a picture of the Boston Tea Party below, or if you click here, you can make a diorama of the Boston Tea Party!

The Boston Tea Party was a sort of rebellion or protest. It was part of a boycott that existed to hurt the Tea Tax, and several other acts of the same kind, known as the Intolerable Acts. Do you think that you can find some of these words below?

Now that you know why these patriots acted the way that they did, how do you think that they felt? What do you think they thought about as they planned out and did the Boston Tea Party? Do you think that you can design the teacup below to honor the members of the Boston Tea Party?

Did you know that you can make a delicious cake in a teacup? Well, if you click here, you can grab mom or dad and make this teacup cake! And be sure to come back tomorrow so that we can learn more about the American Revolution!

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