What are you writing, Thomas?

Today we are going to focus on the third President of the United States of America, Thomas Jefferson! Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, in Virginia, and he was a very important guy! He had one of the most important roles in the American Revolution, and he served his new country politically as well. He was the governor of the state of Virginia, United States Ambassador to France, Secretary of State, Vice President to John Adams, and the third President of America! He did a lot to help establish America as a country and prepare it for a long life!

Thomas Jefferson was a man who did many things. He was an architect, someone who designs buildings. He was a musician, who played the violin. He was a politician, and he fulfilled all the roles that you read about above. He had a farm called Monticello. He was a lawyer and a legislator. He was married to Martha Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson is even known as a Founding Father, one of the very important men who helped to create the nation that we know today. One thing that Thomas is very well known for is his work in the American Revolution. He wrote a very important paper called the Declaration of Independence, which we will talk about in the next paragraph. But now that you know a lot about Thomas, let’s see if you can find some of those words!

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson was asked by the Continental Congress to write a paper expressing the colonies desire for freedom from England. For 17 days, Thomas worked tirelessly to draft and write the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence explained why the colonies wanted their freedom, how they felt they had been ignored by England, and the wrongdoings that parliament had leveled against the colonists. The end of the paper declares independence! Thomas would have written the declaration on paper with a feather quill. Do you think that you can write the Declaration of Independence? By clicking here, you can find out how to make your paper look old! By printing out the feather template below, you can use tape and turn your pencil into a feather quill! Be sure to click to read and copy the Declaration of Independence!

While President, Thomas Jefferson made some really important decisions, and one of them was about purchasing more land for the United States of America. In 1803, Thomas’s second year as President, he purchased 827,000 square miles of land from the French! He then sent two men, Meriweather Lewis and William Clark, to go explore the new land in what became known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Did you know that there were parts of 15 different states that were bought in the Louisiana Purchase? If you were Thomas Jefferson, do you think that you would have been able to purchase all of that land? Well, let’s find out! You can print out a free game about the Louisiana Purchase here! All you will need is some paper, a glue stick, and some game pieces!

Because of all that Thomas Jefferson did for the country, the American people wanted to honor him! Much like they did for George Washington, they began to construct a memorial in his honor and memory. In 1943, the Jefferson Memorial was completed. If you were in charge of designing (or coloring) the memorial, how would you make it look?

Now that you know lots about Thomas Jefferson, I bet you would be interested to know that he loved sweet foods! He even wrote his own recipes! He was a huge fan of ice cream, and thanks to Simply Delish, you can make Thomas Jefferson’s own vanilla ice cream! Be sure to grab mom or dad and dig in! And come back tomorrow for “Lincoln, Lincoln, Whatcha Thinkin?”

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