What did a Pioneer DO?

The American Pioneers were the people who paved the way for towns and settlements. But that took a lot of work! Pioneers had to do many things in order to create homes and communities. One of the most important things that a pioneer family would do was farming their land. Farming allowed them to grow food for their families and animals, sometimes with enough to sell and make money. Growing food and gardening was essential to ensuring that the pioneers would survive while they tried to create their new life and maybe a new town! It took time, dedication, and care. Just the right weather and water and soil had to be provided for plants to grow. Do you think that you could plant and grow your own food? Well, Rain or Shine Momma has a great place for you to start with egg carton seed starters!

Because pioneers were helping to establish new towns, they couldn’t just go buy what they needed for themselves or their kids at the store. Can you think of something that you would need from the store as you grow? You might need clothes! The pioneers had to learn how to make their own clothes! But the pioneers didn’t wear the things that we wear today! Most pioneer boys wore straw hats to keep the sun off their face, and pioneer girls wore bonnets for the same reason! But they had to make those things for themselves! This meant that pioneers had to learn how to sew! Would you like to learn to sew as well? If you click here, you can learn how you could sew your initial! And if you would like to make a bonnet (that you don’t have to sew), you can click here!

If a pioneer wanted to decorate their house to make it look more cozy, they had to make their own decorations too! They usually used things that they already had, like yarn or thread! Weaving was an easy was to create a beautiful and colorful decoration for a pioneer home. By weaving, they could create rugs, blankets, and wall hangings! However, if they wanted it to be colorful, they often had to dye their own yarn to the colors that they wanted. With this activity, you can dye and weave your own piece!

Another thing that was important to pioneers was learning and keeping in touch. This meant that most pioneer kids were home schooled, and writing was something that they did a lot. They wrote out their lessons, they wrote letters to family members in other parts of the country, they wrote in journals, or they later wrote their stories down. One great example is a woman named Laura Ingalls Wilder. She grew up as a pioneer girls, and later wrote her life story out in a series of books, The Little House on the Prairie series. If you were a pioneer, what do you think you would write about? What interesting things do you think you would see? Thanks to Literacy Loves Company, you can create your own pioneer journal and write out the stories of life on the prairie!

Now that you know lots of what the pioneers did, can you find some of the words in the puzzle below?

The pioneers not only had to make their own clothing and grow their own food, but they also had to make their own houses! Often, there was not enough trees to create wood houses. This meant that they had to make houses out of what was readily available. And what is there a lot of on the prairie? Ground! Sod houses were incredibly popular with the pioneers because they were easy enough to make and the pioneers had the supplies already there. These were houses that were made out of squares of ground and built into small hills. And you can make your own sod house! One that you can eat! So grab mom or dad, get a box of Cocoa Krispies, and check out this site! Enjoy making your very own pioneer house! And be sure to come back tomorrow to learn all about pioneer food!

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