Wow, the Romans Made a lot of Stuff!”

Ancient Romans were very well known for creating things, especially things of architecture! One way that the Romans were unique in their architecture was their use of arches. They could make arches that were capable of being curved without any glue or cement! This meant that arches could then be used to support many different things. But before we talk about what the arches could support, perhaps you could try to make your own arch! If you click here, you can learn how you can make an arch that does not require glue, only the blocks.

These arches were a very important aspect of one of the most amazing creations of the Romans. The Roman Aqueducts were a way for the ancient Romans to have running water before the time of electricity and indoor plumbing! These aqueducts were basically open channels used to transport fresh water from lakes and rivers into the populated cities. They had to be designed to use gravity so that the water could flow downward. Having fresh water was important to keep the Romans healthy. Do you think that you have what it takes to make a Roman Aqueduct? Check out Little Homeschool on the Prairie for detailed instructions!

Another thing that the Roman arches were used for was something called amphitheaters. Amphitheaters were places where Romans could watch things and be entertained. They could watch plays, singers, mock battles, or gladiator fights. Do you like going to the movie theater? Well, amphitheaters were basically the Roman equivalent! They gave Romans something fun to do and see. One of the most famous amphitheaters was the Coliseum, located in the capital city of Rome. The Coliseum had fights and mock naval battles that the people of Rome could come enjoy. Would you like to make your own Roman amphitheater? If so, you can check out Clara and Macy! Or if you would like to learn how to draw the Coliseum, you can click here!

The Romans were also very well known for their roads. Would you believe that there are still roads that exist today that the Romans made thousands of years ago? (If only we could still make such good roads!) These roads were paved with stone and had a drainage system that helped them not to get washed out. The Romans made roads all over Europe so that Rome could be connected to the other major cities of the continent. But often they were very hard to make, being cut through hills and very meticulously laid out. Do you think that you could build a Roman road? Well, for detailed instruction on how to make a road just like a Roman, click here!

The Romans also pioneered a style of art known as Fresco Painting. Frescoes were done by artists who painted on the walls of Roman houses. A Fresco was a type of artwork that meant that the artist would paint on the still wet plaster of a home. This made the painting a part of the wall, as it essentially colored the plaster of the wall itself. These works of art were often very colorful, and usually reserved for the upper class of society. We learned yesterday that they upper class was called the Patricians. Could you create a work of art like a Fresco? Well, if you click here, you can try! But I will warn you, it can get pretty messy!

Now that you know a lot about what the Romans made, I think you should try another version of the Roman roads. One that you can eat! So grab mom or dad, click here, and find out how you can create a feat of ancient engineering that you can chow down on! And be sure to come back tomorrow for our last lesson on ancient Rome!

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