You Mean a Pioneer had to Make Their Own Food??

Yesterday, we learned that pioneers had to grow their own crops, make their own clothes, and build their own houses. But the pioneers couldn’t go to McDonald’s and grab a meal, or Walmart to pick up ingredients to make dinner. The pioneers had to completely make their own food! All from scratch! So today, we will be talking about some of the different kinds of foods that pioneers made and ate! One of the most important things that a pioneer made and ate was bread. I’m sure you eat bread in all kinds of ways! Sandwiches, hamburgers, pizza, toast, or grilled cheese! Well, bread was just as important and nutritious to the pioneers! One common type of bread that pioneers made was made out of corn, and it was called a johnny cake, even though it wasn’t cake! You can get a recipe for johnny cake here! But no piece of bread is complete without butter! And guess what? The pioneers made their own butter too! If you get some heavy cream, you can try making your own butter in a jar here! (Even though the pioneers would have used a tool called a churn, it’s still fun to try making your own!)

So if Johnny cake was a bread, what do you think gingerbread was? If you guessed that gingerbread is a type of cake, you are right! Gingerbread was a popular sweet type of cake that pioneers made. It was a dark brown cake, because it was sweetened with something called molasses, which is like a really thick syrupy sugar. This was a common commodity for the pioneers to have, because it traveled easily and didn’t go bad very quickly. If you would like to try to make your own gingerbread, you can find a recipe here! Gingerbread goes well with applesauce, whipped cream, or chocolate frosting!

What is something that you love to eat, but might not get too often? I would guess candy! Well, pioneer children loved candy too! But they had to make their own! Taffy was a popular candy choice because it was chewy and soft and pioneers could make it at home! If you’d like to make your own, click here! In the northern areas, pioneers could make maple snow candy! It was very easy to make, and you basically just boil maple syrup and lay it in the snow until it hardens! And if you live where I live, we still have snow! However, if you don’t have snow, or you just don’t want to go out in it, you can also put it over a bowl of crushed ice! This candy was popular because it was easy to make, required little supplies, utilized the snow, and the hard candy lasted for a long time! If you would like instructions on how to make it at home, you can find them here!

The last pioneer food that we will cover today is one of my favorites! Ice Cream! This recipe only works in areas that are still getting snow, because it’s snow ice cream! With just 4 ingredients, you can make delicious tasty ice cream out of snow! Pioneers would make this special ice cream because the northern pioneers had snow readily available! You can also add all your own toppings like chocolate sauce or sprinkles!

I hope you enjoyed learning about the pioneers! Be sure to comment with a time period that you would like to learn about, and I’ll see you on Monday for our next set of lessons!

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